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Keratoconus Treatment

If you are looking for keratoconus treatment in Phoenix, AZ you have found the right place. The importance of eyesight to our quality of life cannot be described in words. The world would be a totally difference place without our eyesight. We will never be able to see the colors and beauty of nature or our loved ones. If you are experiencing progressive worsening of your vision and irregular eye strains that are creating distorted and blurred vision, you might be suffering from an eye disease called Keratoconus. Generally this disease is found in patients as young as teenagers but it can be subtle in the early stages. As one ages the vision can become more blurred and regular glasses and contact lenses may no longer provide clear focus.

Keratoconus involves a situation in which the normally round cornea thins and begins to distort into a cone-like shape. The light gets deflected by this distortion as it enters the eye on its way to the Retina. In general terms, this disease causes distorted vision and you see everything blurry. This disease is often thought to be caused by genetics. However the exact cause remains unknown. Excessive rubbing of eyes and allergies have also been reported a major cause of this disease. Additionally hormones are thought to have some contribution as a lot of cases are detected during puberty and may progress during pregnancy. More research is being conducted to hopefully find a cause and a cure for keratoconus.

Keratoconic patients are often prescribed eyeglass every time they visit their eye care practitioners. But over time that may not be good enough. Your eyes need a little more and they are required to be treated in a better way. Arizona’s vision has a team of highly qualified doctors in Phoenix, AZ who are very well equipped for treating this disease. We have highly specialized instruments to help detect the distortions to the cornea that are the early signs of keratoconus.  These instruments are called topographers. We have 3 different topographers to help us detect the disease at the earliest stages.  We also have the first scleral topographer in the state of Arizona that is extremely beneficial for advances cases. Most standard corneal topographers can only measure a very small area of the cornea when it gets highly distorted. Our scleral topographer can measure more than double the size of most of our colleagues. Another important device is a pachymeter. That helps us measure the thickness of your cornea.  If your cornea continues to get thinner you may need a special treatment called cross-linking.  That uses a special solution and light source to try to make your cornea stiffer. It has shown very good success with helping to stabilize any further progression.

Some patients have actually had some improvement to the shape of their cornea.  Most patients still need special contacts to see their best after cross-linking. If you are also suffering from any eye problems, you can book an appointment with our doctors. They will be analyzing your problem to the deepest precision possible and will start the keratoconus treatment in Phoenix, AZ immediately without wasting any further time. One of the main treatments for keratoconus involves scleral contact lenses. We have over 5 different designs to help fine the best one for you.  We are also one of the top providers of SynergEyes hybrid lenses. These designs are best for mild to moderate cases. They are very unique where the center of the lens is rigid and the outer edge is soft. They can be quite comfortable and give good vision.  However as the cone becomes advanced it is more difficult for these lenses to fit properly and they can possibly lead to corneal abrasions.

Keratoconus treatment

We have been designing some of the most advances lenses possible to fit some extreme cases.  We are also one of the very few providers in the entire United States to offer the Eye print lenses. These are very advanced designs that involve us taking a bio gel and getting an actual imprint or mold of your eye surface. This imprint or mold is then send to a specialized laboratory where they use laser to triangulate the information and that is then transferred to one of the most advanced CNC lathes on the planet. These lenses have proven to be very comfortable and give amazing vision, even for the most advanced cones.  Unfortunately, some patients may continue to progress and they may require a corneal transplant.  We have teamed up with some of the best cornea surgeons and ophthalmologists in the Phoenix area including Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Scottsdale. If you have tried everything else, or you have just been diagnosed with keratoconus give us a call.  We would be honored to work with you.

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