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Seeking a reliable and skilled Scottsdale eye doctor can be overwhelming. You deserve an optometrist renowned for exceptional eye care services, blending quality with affordability. At Arizona’s Vision, a premier eye care center in Scottsdale, where excellence in optometry is our promise.

Our Commitment

  • Our commitment at Arizona’s Vision is steadfast; we deliver outstanding eye health services with every aspect managed professionally and compassionately. Choosing Arizona's Vision for your regular eye exam appointment ensures sound eye health by monitoring any potential eyesight issues and keeping your eyes safe and your quality of life high.
  • We're the optometrist Scottsdale residents trust; our eye care specialists are not only highly trained and experienced but also certified.  Look no further than Arizona's Vision for experienced eye doctors you can trust.

Financial Flexibility and Personalized Service

  • We understand that financial flexibility is crucial for our patients, offering in-office financing and versatile payment plans. We believe that making multiple vision financing options available to individual patients are part of our duty of complete care as vision care providers.
  • Our aim is to make your journey to better vision stress-free and positive, building trust and lasting relationships through quality eye care.


Dependable, Approachable, and Detailed Eye Care Services

Robust Guarantees and Convenience

  • Offering the most robust guarantees in the optometry industry, backed by over 25 years of experience. Our Scottsdale optometry services deliver a wide array of advanced eye care needs.
  • Our Scottsdale-based eye care services are available six days a week for a range of treatment options.
  • Equipped to provide immediate solutions like same-day glasses and contact lenses. From everyday family eye care to eye emergencies, our Scottsdale eye care specialists have you covered.

Accessible Financing and Expert Craftsmanship

  • Recognizing financial constraints, we provide accessible financing options.
  • Our team of friendly and expertly trained opticians ensures that your glasses are crafted with utmost professionalism and precision. We also provide a wide selection of contact lenses. Contact lens wearers can say goodbye to the hassle of contact lenses with our enjoyable contact lens fittings. Enjoyable in that we will work with you to find the best option of contact lenses for your needs among the most current contact lens technology.


Local Eye Doctors Scottsdale: Eye Care Services

Precision and Honesty in Scottsdale Eye Exams

  • As your local Scottsdale optometrists, we prioritize precision and honesty in our Scottsdale eye exams. Regular comprehensive eye exams are hugely beneficial to your ocular health.
  • Our licensed and certified professionals are committed to enhancing your vision, ensuring optimal eye protection, and minimizing eye strain. Choosing Arizona's Vision as your eye care provider ensures professional care, protected health information and personal attention from the areas best eye care professionals.

Custom-Fitted Eyeglasses Scottsdale

  • Struggling with ill-fitting eyeglasses? Scottsdale eye doctors understand the importance of a perfect fit.
  • The expertise of our team of eye care specialists lies in adjusting glasses to suit your unique facial structure, ensuring comfort and style.
  • Prescription sunglasses - Scottsdale sun burns bright, so put on some shades that’ll help your sight. Modern eye care should be healthy AND stylish - we provide the latest vision care products that deliver enhanced vision and look great. Owning sunglasses that you'll want to wear consistently can be hugely beneficial for optimal eye health.

Contact Lenses for Every Need at Arizona's Vision

  • Our extensive stock of over 10,000 contact lenses caters to every requirement. Patient care is of paramount important to us, we are passionate about providing our patients with a comfortable lens-wearing experience . 
  • From disposable to colored contacts, bifocal contact lenses, and specialty lenses for astigmatism, post-corneal transplants, and keratoconus - Scottsdale has you covered.
  • CRT lenses - Scottsdale citizens are provided with every available option.


Your Local Optometrist: Comprehensive and Trustworthy Eye Care

Dedicated to Thorough Exams and Building Trust

  • In search of exceptional eye care near Scottsdale? We're dedicated to thorough exams and building trust with our patients. Our highly-skilled optometrists are here to provide you with the best quality care.
  • Recognized as a leading Scottsdale optometrist, we offer our services across the East Valley. Optometric care should be readily accessible to all Scottsdale residents.

Unparalleled Eye Care and Reputation

  • Our mission is to deliver top-quality services to all our patients. Allow our compassionate Optometrists to reduce the stress of Optometric care and improve your quality of life.
  • Explore our online gift certificates for eyewear and contact lenses, including various deals and discounts.


Why Choose Us: Scottsdale's Preferred Local Optometrist

Personal Care and Extensive Selection

  • When it comes to finding trusted local expert Optometrists, personal care is key.
  • Our extensive selection of glasses in Scottsdale guarantees the perfect fit, service, and warranty for you.

Reputable Eye Care with Strong Warranties

  • With robust warranties, including coverage for accidental damage, and nearly three decades of experience in Scottsdale.
  • We guarantee satisfaction, offering adjustments and redos at no extra cost for 120 days.

Unrivaled Service and Patient Satisfaction

  • Our commitment extends beyond eye care; we ensure our patients understand every aspect of their treatment and costs.
  • With expertly trained staff and a focus on quality, clarity, and style, we aim for excellence in every service we provide.

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