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Prescription Sunglasses in Almost Any Style and for Almost Any Prescription

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Looking for that perfect pair of prescription polarized sunglasses? Now you can get prescription sunglasses in almost any style and for almost any prescription. You have come to the right place!

When you buy prescription sunglasses you no longer need to worry on those sunny days when your regular lenses just don’t help. Or maybe you wear contacts and they are just bothering you too much to keep them in while you lay out at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

From Maui Jim, to Ray Ban and Gucci to Pravda, almost every fashion designer that has a line of regular prescription eyeglasses also has available fashionable sunglasses for the public.

Now you don’t need to worry about searching for those tacky clip-on shades for your sunglasses or dealing with contact lenses when they bother your eyes.

Polarized sunglasses have now become readily available at your local optometrist’s office. Prescriptions range anywhere from basic to high prescriptions, bifocals and progressive lenses for the presbyopic consumer.

There are even lines of children’s sunglasses for the kids in your life who wear prescription lenses.

The styles of prescription sunglasses available can now be the same as basic sunglasses. Every eyeglass can now be made into sunglasses. The best way to go is the wrap around glasses. They give more protection against UV rays that can come in from the top or sides of the glasses.

Prescription lenses that curve typically distort vision, but Oakley makes a wraparound style that does accept prescription lenses. And new digital lenses that are curved almost completely eliminates the distortion caused by the wrap. Maui Jim makes an excellent wrap as well.

For patients that go inside and outside a lot can also benefit from Transitions lenses.

These are an amazing innovation, your regular lenses are coated with a material that darkens in the sunlight and return to normal when indoors.

Whether you are looking for a stylish pair or you spend your days out in the hot and dry Arizona sun, our prescription sunglasses are like a cool drink of water for your eyes. Call us or come on over and try a pair today. Call 480-706-3937.

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