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What Are Invisalens?

Invisalens is a retainer lens prescribed to gently bring your vision back into focus while you sleep. It temporarily eliminates the need for glasses or day time contact lenses for a day or two. 

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Choosing an eye care office you can really trust with your eyesight and the health of your family members is paramount. This is a major component to getting the 20/20 vision you've always wanted, or the healthy eyes that you deserve to enjoy every day of your life. You should feel 100% relaxed with the eye doctor office you choose. When you choose our eye doctors for your eye exam, you will benefit from the following:

We are able to provide eye exams, for patients of all ages from young children to seniors.

We take pride in running an eye care office that makes use of the best modern technology and the most effective, long-lasting results.

We inform our patients of all ages about proper nutrition and UV protection.

We provide the best service to make you feel comfortable during your eye exam and part of the family.

We offer a full range of services from routine eye exams to emergency care, as well as eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, pink eye treatment, Invisalens and other eye disease treatment and more!

We offer comfort options – such as the Optomap – that fit the needs of busy patients.

We have an unmatched set of reviews you can trust.

You'll benefit from a number of payment options to fit your budget and we accept most vision insurances.

We're looking forward to getting you set up for you eye exam! Give us a call today or send us a message and we'll get in touch!

Invisalens in Phoenix Arizona

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