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Why Is It Important to Schedule Children’s Eye Exams?

Have you taken the time to get your child’s eyes examined? As your child grows, pediatricians and schools will complete a vision screening to catch any major eye issues your child may be experiencing. However, this quick check is no substitute for a thorough eye exam that will be performed by the experienced optometrists at Arizona’s Vision. 

Our optometrists have advanced training and specialized tools to complete a thorough examination of your child’s eyes and give you the peace of mind you deserve. 

Eye Exams for children are important to make sure their eyes are working properly. Children use their eyes to see and learn about the world around them. They also need their vision to be successful in school, whether it’s reading, observing, or developing motor skills.

When to Schedule Your Child’s Eye Exams

Children can have eye exams as young as 6 months of age. This allows your optometrist to catch any eye conditions your child might have at a young age, even before they can tell you they can’t see! Infants use their eyes to learn about the world around them and develop motor skills. 

After their initial comprehensive eye exam, your child can visit their optometrist every few years to ensure no problems crop up or to continue treatment of any issues that are found. Key years include preschool age (around 3 years old), 5 or 6 (as they enter school), and every two years after that.

Vision Issues You May Notice in Your Child

As you watch your child develop you may notice a few warning signs that you can share with your optometrist. These include delayed motor development, frequent eye rubbing, excessive blinking, lack of eye contact and poor eye tracking skills. Also, if your child fails their eye exams with a pediatrician or at school, be sure to tell your optometrist.

Common Children’s Eye Conditions That Require Treatment

Some eye conditions that your child may experience:

Lazy eye (amblyopia)

Misalignment of eyes (strabismus)

Convergence insufficiency

Focusing Problems

Poor Depth Perception

Color Blindness

Eye Health Problems


During your pediatric eye exam, your optometrist will look for any conditions your child may have an offer treatments to help your child overcome their vision problems! Give us a call today at 480-706-3937 and give yourself the peace of mind that your child’s vision is crystal clear!

Pediatric Eye Exams
Pediatric Eye Exams

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