Have you been diagnosed with Keratoconus? Here is what you need to know

Keratoconus is a degenerative eye disease that causes the cornea to gradually become unstable. This instability forces the cornea to curve into a cone shape and ultimately reduces functionality. The roots of the word “Keratoconus” stem from the Greek words “kerato” and “konos”. Kerato means cornea. Konos means cone. Keratoconus is fairly rare. About one in every two thousand individuals is diagnosed with it. Though uncommon, this disease often proves quite severe.

A Closer Look at Keratoconus

This disease typically occurs between the ages of 10 and 25. It gradually increases in severity as time progresses. Keratoconus begins in a single eye and affects the other eye in due time. Medical professionals have not yet pinpointed the exact cause of Keratoconus. It appears as though the disease is hereditary. Strong links have been established between Keratoconus and chromosomal and connective tissue disorders. Those who have Keratoconus should have the disease treated right away before the cornea endures significant damage.


Potential Causes

Unnecessary contact with the eye is likely to advance the disease’s progression. Even wearing a contact lens that is not a proper fit can hasten the onset of Keratoconus. The medical community believes conditions like asthma, eczema and hay fever are connected to this disease. These conditions often spur patients to rub their eyes. Such rubbing hastens the onset of Keratoconus.

Keratoconus Symptoms

This eye disease triggers an increase in corneal steeping that diminishes and thins out the cornea. The result is often asymmetrical corneal astigmatism. Vision subsequently deteriorates, leading to severe visual impairment that fundamentally alters a patient’s everyday life.

Keratoconus patients often endure:

  • Hazy or distorted vision
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blindness at night
  • Glasses that become useless
  • Numerous prescriptions that are altered at a high frequency

When Keratoconus has not yet reached an advanced stage, patients typically wear hard or even gas permeable contact lenses. These lenses cannot be worn for extensive amounts of time.

Arizona’s Vision is Here to Improve Your Vision and Eye Health

We are proud of our reputation as one of the best clinics in the greater Phoenix area. Our eye specialists are here to treat Keratoconus sufferers. Our treatment modalities stand a good chance of halting the disease’s progression. We can also help correct visual impairment caused by Keratoconus. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and schedule an appointment.


Enhance Your Eyesight and Appearance with Stylish New Glasses

Whether you are looking to look chic, pull off the “nerd aesthetic” or simply improve your vision, glasses are the answer. Some wear glasses because they look cool. Being a geek has quickly become uber-stylish. Yet others don spectacles simply because the lenses improve vision. In the end, it does not matter what your reasoning is for wearing eyeglasses. The bottom line is that glasses have become cool, stylish and on-trend. This is the must-have accessory to boost your look and enhance your vision of the beautiful world that surrounds you.

It is almost mandatory that style-conscious individuals don a pair of glasses. This is a fairly simple and affordable accessory that will elevate your aesthetic to the next level. Just be sure to pick out a pair of frames that suit your unique style while simultaneously boosting your vision. Let’s take a closer look at the subtleties of the glasses trend and why the term “four eyes” is no longer an insult in 2017.


Consider the Range of Application

Keep the range of application at the forefront of your mind when shopping for new glasses. Your range will differ from that of your next door neighbor, the co-worker one cubicle down and so on. The first point of concern is the why of the matter. Consider why you need or desire glasses. Reasons for wearing glasses include but are not limited to the following:

  • Improving vision
  • Staying on-trend and adding to your personal style
  • You play sports and require glasses to perform in a productive and safe manner
  • You require a pair of protective glasses as you stare at the computer screen for most of the day
  • You work outdoors and require protective eyewear to safeguard your sensitive eyes

Take a moment to consider which of these purposes applies to your unique situation. Your true motivation for wearing glasses will play a major part in the selection of the specific frames and lenses for your particular needs and desires.

An Optometrist can Help in Your Quest for new Glasses!

You do not have to decide on lenses and frames on your own. Lean on an experienced optometrist to help you pinpoint the perfect lenses and frames for your needs as well as your idiosyncratic facial structure. Tell the optometrist why you desire glasses, what you are looking for in terms of style and functionality and he will help you pinpoint the ideal pair of spectacles. Perhaps you are looking for chic designer frames. Maybe the lens features matter more to you than the manner in which the glasses will alter your appearance. Arizona’s Vision optometrists are here to assist you every step of the way. Our ultimate goal is for you to settle on the best possible pair of glasses for your unique vision challenges and stylistic concerns.

Healthy Eyes & Healthy Vision With Your Optometrist!

In today’s digital age, visual stimuli is everywhere, making it more important than ever to keep your vision in tip-top shape. That’s why you should make a point to visit your optometrist frequently. An optometrist, often referred to as an eye doctor, does more than just examine your eyes and prescribe corrective lens. He or she is a Doctor of Optometry (OD) and is licensed to treat eye problems associated with vision and can even do minor surgery.


What does an optometrist do?

Your optometrist provides valuable services to eye patients in many ways, including:

  • Examines your eyes for signs of retinal diseases, glaucoma, cataracts and hazy vision.
  • Diagnoses and treats common vision problems, such as astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness and presbyopia.
  • Detects other medical conditions like hypertension or diabetes that may ultimately affect the eyesight.
  • Provides the rehabilitation of vision problems through minor surgical procedures and medication.
  • Identifies vision problems and prescribes the proper treatment, such as contact lenses or glasses.
  • Fits and adjusts your new glasses to ensure correct vision.

When should you visit an optometrist?

If you currently wear glasses of have contact lenses you should visit your optometrist regularly, generally once every year, unless you have a condition that requires more frequent monitoring, such as diabetes or other health issues that can affect your eye health and vision. But there are other times to visit the optometrist such as:

  • You need a basic eye exam for work or other reason.
  • You need your eyeglasses or contacts adjusted or assessed.
  • Your child reaches the age of 6 months, at age 3 and again before entering first grade.
  • You or your children notice vision changes. Children who have difficulty seeing the board at school or who begin to sit closer to the TV may have vision problems and should see an optometrist.
  • You are having difficulty choosing the proper frames for your children. The optometrist will help you choose the right frames and style, depending on your child’s activity level and preferences.
  • You need specialty contact lens fittings, such as high-astigmatism lenses, bifocals or special lens that are used after surgery.

How else can your optometrist help you?

Your optometrist does more than examine your eyes and prescribe the proper treatment. He is also a valuable resource when you have special needs, such as when you require special designer eyewear that is difficult to find elsewhere or you require specialized eyewear for sports or other activities.

When selecting an optometrist in Phoenix, look for one with a good reputation and a track record of satisfied customers, such as Arizona’s Vision; the trusted source of eye care solutions in Phoenix.


High Quality & Stylish Eyeglasses for “Your” Pair of Eyes

One of the most important reasons why eye doctors conduct eye exams is to prescribe eyeglasses. These eyeglasses carry great significance in our lives, especially to those people who are suffering from the problem of blurred or poor vision. They are one of the easiest ways to improve eyesight. Without them, one can damage their eyes even further. You might not know this fact but the human eyelid is one of the thinnest layers of skin on the body, and not fully capable of protecting our eyes from ultraviolet radiation. It can protect our eyes from dust and debris, but only to a certain extent.

Eye Exams

We all know what our eyes mean to us, they are our lifeline. So, it becomes necessary that we use proper eyeglasses in order to protect our vision from getting severely affected. Just depending on your eyelids for the protection of eyesight can cause damage to your eyes and you might experience one of the following problems:-

  • Puffy eyelids
  • Redness in eyes
  • Itchiness in eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Sunburn on your eyelids

Multiple Types of Eyeglass Lenses

Eyeglasses are not only meant for outside. If we specifically talk about indoor tanning, it can lead you to serious problems like cornea, cataracts, and retinal damage. There can be both long-term and short damages to your eyesight for not wearing eyeglasses.

There are many eye doctors in Phoenix who are offering a wide range of high quality eyewear. Actually, it is a part of their various eyecare services. There are multiple types of eyeglass lenses that they offer which include:-

  • High-Index Super-Thin Lenses
  • Transitions Lenses
  • Polarized Lenses
  • Anti-Reflective Coated Lenses

The best eye doctors develop an entire team of professionals who are competent, caring and trained to help you in all your eye care needs. Depending upon your eye exam, the doctors would be prescribing you eyewear that is compatible with your lens prescription, looks good on you and helps you in improving your eyesight. You would be able to select the designer frames with the right shape, size, and color. You will be getting a pair of glass that you would love to wear all the time. By getting in touch with these eye care professionals, you can get:-

  • Frames
  • Sport Glasses
  • Specialty Glasses
  • Value added services

You would be offered a personalized service in order to meet your needs in a better way. Whether it is about selecting a frame or choosing the best lens option, they can assist you in everything. Your comfort and satisfaction are their highest priorities. Just give these eye care providers one chance to serve you and they would not leave you disappointed. You can also avail free cleaning, minor repairs, and adjustments of your frames.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Now!

When Should You Visit an Optometrist?

When you look at your eyes in the mirror and find redness in your eyes, or when your eyes are itchy and you can’t take stop rubbing them, in such cases and similar –you avoid visiting an eye doctor or optometrist thinking that this is a minor eye issues and will be alright without any treatment just gives it a little time. The chances that increased eye pain or decreased eye sight can lead to more serious problems if you neglect it for the first time and don’t give it proper attention.

eye issues

If you get confused about what is the right time to visit an optometrist and get your eye exam, here are the four eye conditions which can be an indication of nasty eye issues and we recommend finding the best eye exam in Phoenix by a professional eye doctor:

Here Are Four Eye ISSUES Conditions:

Pink Eye: Pink eye, globally known as Conjunctivitis, is an eye disease in which your eyes feel itchy, irritating and ooze a yellowish discharge. This eye problem comes with the symptom of cough, cold and runny nose. As Pinkeye is really contagious, it requires to see an optometrist so as to seek the best treatment.

Redness: Red eyes are one of the most common yet the most irritating eye issues. Your eyes are red, they are itchy, watery, and you feel uncomfortable. You itch your eyes with your hand; rub them with your fingers and want to get rid of the problem, but this does nothing good than just increasing the problem and redness. Over rubbing can even affect your eye sight; so you must call your eye doctor to check your eyes and offer a suitable solution.

Droopy Eyes: This is the problem that generally arises in old age. In elderly, the thin tissues of your eyelids can seem as a hood and create more complex conditions, thereby this eye condition calls for an instant check up and cure. Call a reliable optometrist as soon as you find one or both of your eyelids drooping toward your pupil. If not visited a doctor on time, it can take a more serious form. If the happens suddenly this can be a medical emergency. You need attention immediately.

Cataract: It is the eye disease in which your eyes’ lenses get cloudy and causes vision loss. If these eye issues are not treated on time, and if the right kinds of glasses or contact lenses are not worn regularly, then it can be a serious problem which can cause a decrease / damage your eye sight, and can lead to a surgery!

Most noteworthy, it is good to visit an eye doctor when you have an issue or disease in your eyes, but it’s better to have an eye exam done on a regular basis (every 1 or 2 year) to stay safe from any damage. Your eyes are precious and it is your responsibility to take the best care of them!

Your Life Revolves Around Your Eyesight, Find VSP Providers Now

Among all the different senses that God gifted our human body with, our ability “to see” is the most crucial one. Life becomes very challenging when someone has to live his life without good eyesight. Even the day-to-day tasks seem very difficult to execute for a person who is experiencing some kind of problem with their vision. With the consistently increasing number of eye problems these days, it has become very important that we take special care of our eyes so that our vision does not get affected. We need to make sure that we are regularly going for eye checkups to keep our eyes protected and healthy.

Regular visits to the eye specialists and having eye exams can add up over time. To cut down these costs and to take advantage of several eye care benefits, it would be better that you enroll yourself in an eye insurance plan. It can either be a VSP individual or a family insurance plan, it’s up to you. By choosing a VSP (Vision Service Plan) for yourself or your family, you do not only get extra savings on your eye exams, but

  • Allowance towards glasses or contacts or both (Allowance varies according to the plan)
  • High quality lenses and glasses
  • Affordable co pay
  • Extra savings on optional lens enhancements such as scratch resistance, no-line bifocal/trifocal, anti-glare and light-to-dark tinting etc.

If you are not able to figure out what kind of insurance plan you should sign up, you must get in touch with the VSP providers. There are several reliable VSP providers near me out there that you can take assistance from. They would be helping you select the best insurance plan that fully meets all your requirements. These service providers would be explaining you all the cost and benefits that are associated with your particular plan.

VSP Providers Phoenix AZ

Why you need an eye insurance plan?

First of all, you need to realize the value of your eyes. You got only one set and you would definitely not want them to get injured. A vision plan from a good VSP provider would help you take care of eyes and save few bucks at the same time. Taking good care of your eyes is not only beneficial to your vision but crucial for your overall health. During the eye exam, the doctor would be detecting the early signs of general health conditions so that you can get rid of them before they become more serious problems. You might not be aware about it but diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure can be detected through an eye exam.

Contact a VSP vision provider today and protect your eyes!


Importance of Eye Care at Various Stages of Life!

Your eyes are an important part of your body. Thereby, keeping them in good condition and maintaining their health needs to be the prime priority of everyone. To stay assured about the health of your eyes, you need to go for regular eye exams to a qualified eye doctor in Phoenix.

When it comes to the health of your eyes, vision problems is a quite common issue which affects almost everyone from infants to adults. Thus, giving you the best eye care at every stage of life is very vital in order to have a clear vision and prevent future eye health issues.

Eye doctor Phoenix

Kids’ Eye Care –

Weak vision at an early age can be the underlying cause of learning problems in school. We may not all know that the process of learning chiefly depends on the visual activities and having blurry vision is a key contributor that hinders the path of learning. Eye care of children starts from the cradle. The first eye examinations must be performed for your little angels at age 6 months of age.

Teenagers’ Eye Care –

Teenagers are prone to over exposure to the sun. Ultra violet rays other wise know as UV can leave drastic effects on the eyes if protective eye wear such as efficient sun glasses are not worn before spending time in the sun. Extra-curricular school activities such as sports often require protective eye wear.  Clear vision helps teens participate in such programs wholeheartedly and perform at their best. Regular eye examinations through a qualified eye doctor during the teen years are indispensable for the future eye health.

Adult’s Eye Care –

Healthy eyes and corrected vision are vital to adults. Sadly, in the hustle bustle of daily life, we usually avoid taking care of our overall health, including eye health. Though you may not have any issue with your eyes, a regular eye check up is still essential to detect problems that may be emerging. If your family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes and eye disease, contacting your eye doctor is critical in order to monitor and identify your eyes are in perfect condition.

As time passes, we keep on aging and reach the advanced stages of life and the risk of having eye problems increases dramatically.  Thus, being in touch of a qualified and proficient eye doctor should be the prime priority of everyone.


Now that you know the importance of eye care at various stages of life, hopefully you will be much more comfortable when it comes time to choose an eye doctor in Phoenix.

To learn more about eye care and eye doctor, feel free to visit http://www.arizonasvision.com/

Grab the Best Designer EyeGlass Frame That Suits Your Style

Being born with beautiful, bright eyes and maintaining the samesparkle and health of your eyes may involve a little luck! Not everyone is blessed with healthy eyes –the health that stays for a lifetime; with most people’s eyes changing as we age, choosing the right eyeglasses aka spectaclescan sometimes be confusing. But in this highly fashionable world and stylish scenario you can’t afford to just pick any frame, any color or any brand blindfolded overlooking the shapes, sizes and patterns; in fact, we are here to help you become to be a bit more informed and enlightened when it comes to your eyes and specs.

Only a few people know that your face shape or face type is a great key to selectthe right frames for you.To know the shape that suits best on your face according to your faceshape or facetype, read the pointers given below, and once you are aware of the answer –grab the best designer eyeglass frame which is exclusively for you!

Face Type –Round

If you have round face with fuller cheeks and rounded chin, the frame that best suits you should be strong angular in shape. Always look for the lenses (glasses frames) which are wider than they are deep.

Face Type –Square

Broad forehead, square chin and horizontal jawline are your identity. Square faces are usually proportional in length and width. As you have got the straight, stronger horizontaljawline, try making your architectural facial features shine with round or even softer oval glass frames.

Face Type –Oval

Oval faces are considered to be the best or the most appealing face types as they are well balanced and features have the full chance to shine. Oval faces have gentle curved jawline and chin is narrower than the forehead. Also these face shapes generally have high cheekbones with face length of 1.5 times the width (approx.).

Oval faces are good to go with any glass frame, provided the frame shouldn’t be too large or too small to balance the facial features.  These are the perfect showcases for square as well as rectangular and other bold frames as they add contrast to the curved lines of the face.

Face Type –Heart

This face type features high cheekbones and a broad forehead that tapers out to a smaller chin. The terrific trick for heart shaped faces is to seek shapes that balance the varying widths of the face structure. Prada and Dior frame shapes can work wonders for heart faces.

Now as you are more informed, visit our experienced Optometrists, and opticians, or consult a professional VSP provider in Phoenix, AZ to get your eyes examined properly, to grab the best suited designer eyeglass frames for you, and to keep your eyes pretty and protected at all times!


Reasons to choose Contact Lenses over Glasses!

The debate is endless –glasses or contact lenses? The stereotype people don’t back the contemporary inventions and support the use of traditional solutions like glasses over contact lenses. But according to many studies and surveys choosing contact lens is better and beneficial. Contemplating how? –Here’s the answer.

Following are the reasons of why you should choose contact lenses over glasses and discover the desirable you:

Bliss of Beauty:

Whether we accept the fact or not –we are often judged by our appearance and people treat you good when you look great. This is an irony and the agony is felt only by the people who suffer from it and this group may also include ‘Speckies’ i.e. the people who wear glasses. But the ‘look’ is no longer a problem for someone who wears contact lenses as they feel light, give improved peripheral vision and you can look more beautiful than ever.

Furthermore, specs (glasses) are now more of a cool thing for the fashion freaks today, whereas the contact lenses can be used as a fashion statement and a new trend which makes you completely awesome!

Touch of Confidence:

Glasses may lower your self confidence and make you feel uncomfortable and unsure, say some of the spectacle users. But contact lenses while making you feel flawless and beautiful also boost your confidence level and you feel content, constructive and much more certain after replacing the glasses with contact lenses.

It is quite obvious for you to perform better in your personal and professional life when you feel more confident as well as content as it changes you for the better and makes you feel fuller!

Flavor of Fun:

This is something unique and stylish! As contact lenses come in different colors and in a wide range to suit every choice and meet every need, you may choose different shades or colors of contact lenses to add a flavor of fun and mystery to your life.

Also, you would be able to click better pictures / selfies of yourself and add variations to your photos as you now you have gotten rid of your boring, plain and casual glasses –which always make you look the same no matter what you do!

Clear View of World

Glasses can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable and frustrated. You sometimes feel unable to witness the real beauty of world around us and this can make you feel upset and frustrated, but the contact lenses embrace your eyes and help you in viewing the world’s majestic beauty much more closely and clearly.

Now that you are presented with the benefits of contact lenses over regular glasses, why don’t buy a pair of lenses and say ‘hi’ to a newer, better and a more confident life? No doubt, you may also try some other alternatives too such as vision correction surgery or other non invasive eye treatments like Invisalens which you may easily get from the professional Optometrist in Phoenix at Arizona’s Vision. Whatever you decide –just make a call today as your eyes are priceless!