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Our Fans


Kyle Johnson
“ Dr. Page and the staff at Arizona’s Vision have been great! They helped me with my eyesight and all of the other challenges that come with competing in a sport that requires excellent vision in some difficult conditions. With their help, I was able to become the 2011 Arizona State Skeet champion.”


Iris Cheng
” All the Doctors and staff are very patient and nice!”


Janine Ganser
“Corrected my vision! Definitely, I believe my son will be coming in for a visit very soon!”


Lois Murphy – Tempe, AZ
• Timeless, efficient
• Always help with our vision needs have the most current items in the vision industry.


Patricia Chase – Phoenix, AZ
• Dr. Y – Never had such great vision as I do now. Kim is also very helpful and friendly.
• * Per pt. no one has ever been able to help me the way Dr. Y has. I am also glad that he is still here.


Lesley Malmstrom – Phoenix, AZ
• Friendly, good service


Wayne Spinks – Phoenix, AZ
• Steady customer and wife. Have been coming here for years.
• Close to home. Good service and warranty. Like all new advances (machines) in eye care treatments.
• All the above and to experience the eye care and make own derision.


Erin McEldowney – Phoenix, AZ
• Everyone is always very helpful


Michelle Provins – Phoenix, AZ
• Your friendliness and location
• I would tell my friends how nice the staff was. How the wait was quick and the office was clean. I would mostly say how comfortable everyone made my son feel, which is a big deal to me because he tends to suffer from anxiety at times.


Ashley Samuels – Phoenix, AZ
• You are very professional and helpful and always seem to know what you’re doing (competent).
• It’s a very good place to go for eye issues and the workers know what they are doing and do a great job. Crystal is really friendly, professional, and competent. There can be a big wait between the three settings of the appointment though (office waiting room – eye intelligent check protesting and the doctor). The technicians are great, intelligent employees (everyone)!


Jeff Pasteur – Phoenix, AZ
• The continuation of service to make sure I received the contacts that would give me the best vision and fit.


Jennifer Allen – Phoenix, AZ
• Friendly, knowledgeable staff
• The doctors take time to answer questions and really care. The optician really, really cared and tried to help in all ways possible! I love the staff here.


Michelle Copic – Phoenix, AZ
• The staff
• Up to date equipment (our previous office wasn’t as computerized and didn’t offer mapping and had to do dilation)


Kelly Crews – Phoenix, AZ
• Friendly staff, each and everyone willing to go the extra mile for their patients.
• New testing equipment. Makes all the process faster, more detailed and no dilation!! Love everyone here.


Kari Taylor – Phoenix, AZ
• Everyone was very friendly and personable!
• Everyone was very friendly. Everything was explained very thoroughly to me and all of my questions were answered honestly and concise.


Kathleen Nosal – Phoenix, AZ
• Very friendly and warm
• If insurance available visit you otherwise a bit pricy


David Davies – Phoenix, AZ
• Completion of the testing
• Has good equipment and __ uses tests, __ whenever they become available


Robert W. Holland – Phoenix, AZ
• You took care of my problem without any pain
• They will take care of you


George Temores – Tempe, AZ
• Service very nice and friendly
• You will feel at ease and comfortable


John Perer – Tempe, AZ
• Modern equipment, well-trained staff


• The people Jonathan and Dr. Yamamoto
• Friendly professional. Fun. Love you guys!


Annette Freeman – Phoenix, AZ
• Convenience
• Well performed and easy to make appointments


Josh Boyle – Phoenix, AZ
• Quick and professional
• Everything was quick and easy. The staff was friendly and Crystal was very professional and knowledgeable


Gina Meyer – Phoenix, AZ
• Convenience
• Good with kids


Jenna Dooley – Phoenix, AZ
• Friendly and very informative


Kurt Jacobsen – Phoenix, AZ
• Friendly
• Full service / professional


Kenny Drake – Phoenix, AZ
• Everyone is always friendly and willing to help. And Dr. Page is never in a hurry! The thorough testing…
• Pretty much what I said above. I might mention the chocolate jar.


Don Graig – Gilbert, AZ
• Outstanding and friendly customer service
• Convenient, friendly and helpful


Jim Vanhouse – Phoenix, AZ
• Customer service always friendly, and professional


Ann Gravix
• Your group is the best. Great job everyone. Thanks Sandy and Joe for all of your help.


Jordan Somerville – Phoenix, AZ
• Kim was super helpful and really nice.


Nick Rice – Phoenix, AZ
• I am a new patient and really enjoyed the customer service my technician was very friendly and thorough. Sandy did a great job helping me pick out glasses and I am looking forward to my new difference with my vision.


Nathy Qyunlos – Phoenix, AZ
• Service
• Cecilia was very friendly and helpful. Great job!


Larry Walker
• Payment plans
• Great service. I appreciate that I can put my kids glasses on a payment plan so they can get what they need. Thanks!


Maria Williams – Gilbert, AZ
• The staff is very friendly and thorough.
• I like the way the staff treats each patient with respect. They make you feel comfortable and explains everything. Crystal also made my son feel very comfortable especially being that this was his first eye appointment.