When Should You Visit an Optometrist?

When you look at your eyes in the mirror and find redness in your eyes, or when your eyes are itchy and you can’t take stop rubbing them, in such cases and similar –you avoid visiting an eye doctor or optometrist thinking that this is a minor eye issues and will be alright without any treatment just gives it a little time. The chances that increased eye pain or decreased eye sight can lead to more serious problems if you neglect it for the first time and don’t give it proper attention.

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If you get confused about what is the right time to visit an optometrist and get your eye exam, here are the four eye conditions which can be an indication of nasty eye issues and we recommend finding the best eye exam in Phoenix by a professional eye doctor:

Here Are Four Eye ISSUES Conditions:

Pink Eye: Pink eye, globally known as Conjunctivitis, is an eye disease in which your eyes feel itchy, irritating and ooze a yellowish discharge. This eye problem comes with the symptom of cough, cold and runny nose. As Pinkeye is really contagious, it requires to see an optometrist so as to seek the best treatment.

Redness: Red eyes are one of the most common yet the most irritating eye issues. Your eyes are red, they are itchy, watery, and you feel uncomfortable. You itch your eyes with your hand; rub them with your fingers and want to get rid of the problem, but this does nothing good than just increasing the problem and redness. Over rubbing can even affect your eye sight; so you must call your eye doctor to check your eyes and offer a suitable solution.

Droopy Eyes: This is the problem that generally arises in old age. In elderly, the thin tissues of your eyelids can seem as a hood and create more complex conditions, thereby this eye condition calls for an instant check up and cure. Call a reliable optometrist as soon as you find one or both of your eyelids drooping toward your pupil. If not visited a doctor on time, it can take a more serious form. If the happens suddenly this can be a medical emergency. You need attention immediately.

Cataract: It is the eye disease in which your eyes’ lenses get cloudy and causes vision loss. If these eye issues are not treated on time, and if the right kinds of glasses or contact lenses are not worn regularly, then it can be a serious problem which can cause a decrease / damage your eye sight, and can lead to a surgery!

Most noteworthy, it is good to visit an eye doctor when you have an issue or disease in your eyes, but it’s better to have an eye exam done on a regular basis (every 1 or 2 year) to stay safe from any damage. Your eyes are precious and it is your responsibility to take the best care of them!

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  1. The most helpful part of your article for me is when you talked about how you must visit an optometrist for a suitable solution when you experience red eyes which is the most irritating eye issues. My child woke up today with red eyes. It’s making him uncomfortable because of the itchiness resulting from his red eyes. I will make sure to visit an optometrist with my son as soon as possible for help.

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